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Invitation to Dala horse dedication in Vasa Park

Till och överblickssidan om projektet med hästarna >>>

Dala horse dedication during Autumn Market

October 14, 2018 – 10:30 a.m.
Vasa Park in Los Angeles, CA

Agneta Nilsson, SWEA originator, custom-built 15 one-ton heavy wooden Dala Horses (7 ft. tall x 7 ft. long x 3 ft. wide) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the SWEA organization. They were presented to various cities around the world at a ceremony held in Stockholm, Sweden in 2004.

The Swedish Church in Los Angeles received a blue horse (see illustration at right) that was painted by SWEA Los Angeles artist Gunilla Marlis and decorated especially for the City of Los Angeles. Earlier this year, the Church Council donated the Los Angeles Dala Horse to the Vasa Park Association (VPA). When Agneta found out that the Dala Horse was going to be restored and taken to Vasa Park, she said “My heart sings of happiness that the horse, once a wonderful beauty, will still live many, many more years!”

Under the direction of Richard Heinstedt, several members of the VPA have been restoring it. They have stabilized it, sanded, applied many coats of resin and primer, and finally applied a coat of Swedish orange. We are very fortunate to have two top artists – 3rd and 4th generation family members of Grannas Anders Olsson, founder of the factory, come from Sweden this month to Vasa Park to paint the traditional design before the ceremony.

Thank you to the Swedish Church in Los Angeles for their donation, Agneta Nilsson for her vision to make and distribute the Dala horses around the world and to the members of the Vasa Park Association for the restoration. Both Agneta Nilsson and Gunilla Marlis will be at the dedication ceremony.

After the ceremony, the Dala Horse will be permanently located in the Historical Park by the water wheel for everyone to enjoy.

Additional information:

Dalahäst SWEA Los Angeles, 2004

SWEA LA Dalahäst -- innan renovering

SWEA Los Angeles Dala Häst before restoration

SWEA Los Angeles Dalahäst under renovering

SWEA Los Angeles Dala Häst after initial steps of renovation


SWEA Los Angeles Dala horse after initial steps of renovation